Saturday, April 23, 2011


You're a literary dork. You love reading (and writing) about your favorite characters, and you'd love to go on a date to hear a famous author read at your local bookstore. Sometimes, you might even prefer books to people. In books, life is less complicated... or at least, if things get tricky, you know they'll work out in the end. When you fall in love with a story, you may obsess over certain fictional characters, or be inspired to create your own fanfiction. You might even write under a pen name (shout out to Madame Degrassi!), so you can keep your writing a secret. Your friends respect your skills, and may turn to you for help with their own stories. Are you willing to edit "Stalker Angel" if necessary?

(**OH. MY. GOSH! WITH THE BEING CLARE AGAIN!! this is cool...creepy...but cooooool...can we all just agree right now that I am a total real-life Clare? I mean, I've never even seen this show for goodness' sake! Wow!**)

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