Saturday, April 23, 2011


Your answers make it clear -- you and Clare have a lot in common. Congratulations! The world needs more people as intelligent, open-minded, and caring as Clare... and you! Remember how Clare helped Connor get fair treatment at school? And how she helped Eli confront his hoarding problem? And how she stood by Adam when told her he's transgender? You share her sense of compassion, and her ability to see the best in people. You're the kind of person who'll stand by your friends through even the toughest times. Clare has the self-confidence to fight for what she believes is right, and to stand up for herself when other people criticize her. You're like that, too. Even when you're extremely frustrated with the state of the world, you seek out non-violent ways to get your point across. If the world were run by Clares -- people like you -- it'd be a much more peaceful place.

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