Friday, July 22, 2011

good night

gooood niiiiiight!!!! i just feel like saying good night to someone. so I'll post this on my blog. So exciting. This is an email to a buddy and I post on my blog. SO COOL!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Survey Online 5-also really liked this one!

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!
Created by -ambiguous and taken 387602 times on Bzoink
What is your favorite..
gum:dubble bubble
restaurant:chop house
season:spring or fall
type of weather:kind of sunny, but raining. and warm. Warm rain. A light shower.
emotion:happy. just blissfully happy. like the feeling you have when you realize it's a wonderful, seemingly perfect day outside.
thing to do on a half day:go see a movie with friends.
late-night activity:movie at home with family and a boardgame (we hardly ever do)...or a movie at home with a bunch of friends at a sleepover (not as rare, but still...rare)
sport:running. then soccer.
city:ktown. then nyc.
store:forever 21.
When was the last time you..
cried:watching the move Soul Surfer.
played a sport:running at the championship track meet over a week ago.  
laughed:probably at myself earlier today.
hugged someone:earlier today, just needed to put my arms around my mommy
kissed someone:ummm....^_^ kissed my mom earlier today on the cheek
felt depressed:last spring...from marchish to ... uhh...mayish??
felt elated:when I put that first Halls Strawberries and Creme coughdrop in my mouth. was great! Mom was so surprised at how happy I was. She said, "If all it takes to make you happy is a cough drop..." and I said, "You've got your work cut out for you. Really easy. It's a very simple thing, cough drops." and she agreed.
felt overworked:when I was scrambling to get my information gotten for my project.
faked sick:never
lied:to someone about how late I stayed up.
What was the last..
word you said:off
thing you ate:a potato...
song you listened to:a instrumental piece from the movie "Spirit"
thing you drank:milk
place you went to:outside my house? Church this morning.
movie you saw:Soul Surfer. Yesterday. W/Leelee
movie you dad rented the Harry Potter movies a LONG time ago. I never did.
concert you attended:Train: Save Me San Francisco
Who was the last person you..
cried over:ex
danced with:some guy at cotillion. can't remember which one. maybe THAT guy..yeah...diff school...yeah...THAT one.
shared a secret with:my mom
had a sleepover with:E
went to a movie with:Leelee (yesterday)
were angry with:bro
couldn't take your eyes off of:dude that played Bethany Hamilton's bro with the blonde hair in the movie. hot stuff. ^_^
obsessed over:i felt like I almost did with my ex...but not really. like, when we were dating...not afterwards...but really, I don't think that was obsessive and stuff...uhhh...FRED WEASLEY!!! And pretty much everybody else in that inner circle...harry, hermione, ron, draco (lol gotta include him), yes--george, ginny...teh peeps
Have you ever..
danced in the rain:yes!
kissed someone:yes.
done drugs:NO! EW!
drank alcohol:NO! EW!
slept around:NO! EW!
partied 'til the sun came up:No....not unless you count TRYING to stay a sleepover...a couple years ago??
had a movie marathon:no...but we HAVE! to !!! (and a tv show marathon) with Harry potter (well, okay with hp if you count on tv) and avatar the last airbender!!!
gone too far on a dare:no
spun until you were immensely dizzy:YES! so fun....
taken a survey quite like this before:not really......   good job!
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Random Survey 4. also really liked this one!

Three Things
Created by andy and taken 356717 times on Bzoink
Three things that scare me:
1: heights
2: what happens when I die?
3: standing directly behind the batter in HS baseball, videotaping near the very top of the stadium
Three people who make me laugh:
1: cake
2: myself
3: history teach
Three Things I love:
1: me
2: flowers
3: friends/family
Three Things I hate:
1: I try
2: to not
3: hate anything
Three things I don't understand:
1: chemistry--yet.
2: the language of reading lips
3: why people like to be mean
Three things on my desk:
1: science textbook
2: snoopy xmas card
3: itouch
Three things I'm doing right now:
1: studying for science test tomorrow
2: this survey
3: breathing...mostly through my mouth because my nose is stopped up XP
Three things I want to do before I die:
1: go to venice, italy
2: publish a book
3: make sure many many people will remember me, even in the future. even the far-ish future
Three things I can do:
1: play piano
2: sing
3: make friends/be really nice to people
Three ways to describe my personality:
1: caring
2: thoughtful
3: humorous
Three things I can't do:
1: a cartwheel
2: a handstand
3: recite the periodic table of elements and be right.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Survey Online 3

...Because nobody cares about your favorite color or who you last texted
Created by cutthroatxrainbows and taken 144 times on Bzoink
What do you value above all else?: love
...and what do you most fear?: what happens when I die?
Where do you stand on the concept of God?: I believe in him. I go to a Methodist church. I want to not doubt him, although I do.
...and organized religion?: Sure. I mean, whatever you want.
Would you rather be wealthy or fulfilled?: Fulfilled....which would make me wealthy in things other than money, right?
If you could do something that would change the world, what would it be?: give world peace to everyone!
Describe a day in your life that was memorable.: When I got the Spartan Spirit Award at the Honors Ceremony on the last day of school in 7th grade. It's for representing the school in a positive manner through multiple school-related activities.
If you could say something to somebody you consider an enemy, you'd say...: can we work this out so we aren't enemies anymore?
What truly upsets you? : People who are mean just to spite.
If you had a chance to have power over many people would you take it?: No. I'd be scared of what I'd do wrong.
Do you tell the people that you care about that you care?: Yes! I try to tell everyone I care about...although I've probably missed a few.
...or do you show them?: Oh, yes! This is helpful...I show them easier than I tell them a lot of the time.
What would you say to someone you've lost, if you had the chance.: I'm sorry I hurt you if I did. I'm sure I did. I shouldn't have said some of the things I said...I didn't mean to cause you any pain...I just wish there had been an easier way for you to let me down. I wish I hadn't been suspicious of anything or anyone. But I wish you hadn't called me bipolar. That wasn't cool...and if I had the guts...I would tell them that my respect for them dropped a humongous amount after they told me that my brother and I were bipolar. Nothing wrong with bipolar people...but it was insulting coming from someone I used to really care about.  
If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?: Thank the Worm for staying at school with us.
What's important? What isn't?: Important: love, friends, being happy. Not Important: drama, mistakes as long as you learn from them, what other people think.
What song, image, movie, book, quote, speaks to you more than anything?: ((first things that come to mind RIGHT NOW) song: (right now because songs always speak to me ^_^)Drops Of Jupiter by Train  and Dare You To Move by Switchfoot.    Image: every time I open my favorite blog, the face of the girl crying (manga) speaks to me like nothing else. Book: Harry Potter? LOL I love those books! But in a sentimental way....more so.... uhhh....I dunno..."Chains" and "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson. But especially Speak. It REALLY REALLY speaks to me... . Quote: "People are going to want you, need you, exceed you, take you, hate you, play you, rate you, save you, and break you, but that's what makes you.
If you could say something, that the world would hear, what would it be?: Never bend your head, hold it high, look the world straight in the eye...(quote by Helen Keller)....but have peace with those you meet, and you CAN change the world, no matter what  
What makes you smile when you're sad?: My cats. My friends. Music. Sometimes certain pictures and memories.
How often do you find yourself apologizing but know you shouldn't?: On a scale from 1-5.....   2
Would you save ten strangers or one loved one?: I'd want to find a way to save them all....I'd tell someone else to go help the people I don't choose. Depends on who it is...I would almost save ten strangers.
Does 'true love' exist?: Yes.
If so what is it? If not, why not?: It's true love...when you're totally and irrevocably compatible with someone...where you can tell them anything and trust them with your life and vice versa. There is no one definition. An example is a little old man and woman who have been married for forever (or so it seems) and don't matter where they go as long as they are with eachother...and also know that even when one of them dies, they will still always be together.
Have you experienced it? : I guess not.
Do you believe in free will or fate? Or a combination of both?: Combination. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan, but what YOU do is a variable in that plan. When you make a decision, though, I think it changes how everything else afterwards will turn out.
What's the most creative thing you've done in the past week?: dressed for my dress out day....wrote a poem.
When you make a mistake, how do you react?: I try to learn from it....I'm usually pretty calm.
What's the biggest risk you're willing to take?: maybe skydiving one day, but definitely indoor sky diving.
When was the last time you took time just to think?: on the way home today from school...waiting for mom to pick us up from school as we were waiting in the 6th grade hallway for the storm to pass
Do you live in the present or the future?: i try to live in the present...but I live in the future  A LOT.
If you don't know somebody how do you feel about them?: All I have is what I've inferred from how they act and who they hang out with and what people have told me about them. But I'm willing to start over with my opinion on them (in fact, I welcome it!) when I get to know them better.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Survey Online 2-I really liked this one!

Middle of the Bed
Created by ihateyoulot and taken 37 times on Bzoink
Let's start then shall we?: sure!
What's the first thing you put on in the car- heat or radio? : heat
What's the first thing you do when you get home?: bring my backpack in
Where's the place you feel the safest?: my room
What do you think about your arms?: lol ^_^ they seem kinda hairy (just a little) for a girl...firm little muscles in 'em. :)
Ever eat an entire box of mac&cheese by yourself?: yup
Ever skip a meal? or a few?: i have. but I'd rather not. just one. maybe two once or twice.
What makes you happy?: no stress. myself. my friends.
Happy or sad songs?: depends. either one...i can relate to...and i love.
How do you feel about Canada?: Canada's cool! That's where Justin Bieber's from! (ps. those were two completely different thoughts--not sayin' Canada is cool cuz of Justin Bieber)
Are you in love?: no
How do you know?: i don't even have a crush on anyone!
Any addictions?: writing?
When was the last time you felt happy with someone?: happy with my bro that he stopped playing music. ...oh...with a "significant other"?? oh, my ex bf
texting or talking on the phone?: texting ... easier..i like talking though
Drink coffee? what kind?: no. the invisible kind..or the kind that is pure chocolate (aka hot chocolate)
what time is it?: 10:39pm
do you sleep at night?: yessir
do you dream?: yessir
my best friends are__________: the ones I know the best
Let's go to Hawaii?: SURE!  I love hawaii! (i've been twice)
What does "I'm fine" mean?: depends........hmm...means, I can deal with it, even if I'm not perfectly okay.
What does "just friends" mean?: there is no love interest. we are. just friends.
do you like bugs?: YES!
do you play music?: I LOVE to play music!
Do you see in sounds and hear in colors?: no, but I have a friend who does...rock on!
Teach me how to play ukulele?: sorry. no can do. i used to song....
is your most memorable memory bad or good?: GOOD! I got an AWARD!
I hope your heart's not broken.: it's not. Thanks for asking! You're very sweet! I hope yours isn't either.
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