Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Survey Online 2-I really liked this one!

Middle of the Bed
Created by ihateyoulot and taken 37 times on Bzoink
Let's start then shall we?: sure!
What's the first thing you put on in the car- heat or radio? : heat
What's the first thing you do when you get home?: bring my backpack in
Where's the place you feel the safest?: my room
What do you think about your arms?: lol ^_^ they seem kinda hairy (just a little) for a girl...firm little muscles in 'em. :)
Ever eat an entire box of mac&cheese by yourself?: yup
Ever skip a meal? or a few?: i have. but I'd rather not. just one. maybe two once or twice.
What makes you happy?: no stress. myself. my friends.
Happy or sad songs?: depends. either one...i can relate to...and i love.
How do you feel about Canada?: Canada's cool! That's where Justin Bieber's from! (ps. those were two completely different thoughts--not sayin' Canada is cool cuz of Justin Bieber)
Are you in love?: no
How do you know?: i don't even have a crush on anyone!
Any addictions?: writing?
When was the last time you felt happy with someone?: happy with my bro that he stopped playing music. ...oh...with a "significant other"?? oh, my ex bf
texting or talking on the phone?: texting ... easier..i like talking though
Drink coffee? what kind?: no. the invisible kind..or the kind that is pure chocolate (aka hot chocolate)
what time is it?: 10:39pm
do you sleep at night?: yessir
do you dream?: yessir
my best friends are__________: the ones I know the best
Let's go to Hawaii?: SURE!  I love hawaii! (i've been twice)
What does "I'm fine" mean?: depends........hmm...means, I can deal with it, even if I'm not perfectly okay.
What does "just friends" mean?: there is no love interest. we are. just friends.
do you like bugs?: YES!
do you play music?: I LOVE to play music!
Do you see in sounds and hear in colors?: no, but I have a friend who does...rock on!
Teach me how to play ukulele?: sorry. no can do. i used to know...one song....
is your most memorable memory bad or good?: GOOD! I got an AWARD!
I hope your heart's not broken.: it's not. Thanks for asking! You're very sweet! I hope yours isn't either.
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